"I owe thanks to you (and Mr. Google) for helping people, especially magazine writers, find me online."
-Diane York, Diane York Weddings & Events

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Many of the following sites were developed following the ContentClear Marketing method for web site optimization which follows web best practices. If you'd like to see something more relevant to your project, please contact us.

FEATURED CASE STUDY #1: Mr. Lakefront Keller Williams
Mr. Lakefront. net consistently at the top of search engines

When HGTV's House Hunters program producers were searching for an expert on Maine lakefront property, they found Mr. Lakefront via Google. This Realtor's website is consistently at the top of search engines thanks to the content we optimized.



FEATURED CASE STUDY #2: Baker's Shoes & Clothing

Great search engine results for Baker's most popular brands weren't necessarily translating into more sales. The brand pages needed to include content that gave prospective customers compelling reasons to buy from Baker's. Unique, differentiating content did the trick.



FEATURED CASE STUDY #3: Diane York Weddings & Events
Diane York Weddings and Events now ranks high on Google and boosted bookings after optimizing its web seo content with ContentClear Marketing.

Discover how a home-based wedding planner in Maine ranked on the first page of Google, caught the attention of Boston Weddings magazine, and boosted bookings well into the next season.



Petcopywriter.com followed the ContentClear Marketing Method for its web seo content. Petcopywriter.com followed the ContentClear Marketing Method for its web seo content. Within 1 month of its launch, it became #1 in Google rankings.


American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) – the world's leading publisher of direct-response copywriting, travel writing, photography and graphic design home-study programs – recently optimized severals of its pages using ContentClear's web content provider marketing.


American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) recently optimized its home page using web seo content written by ContentClear Marketing.

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"Pam's an experienced professional copywriter who's skilled at interpreting complex, technical material and creating pithy, persuasive copy. I look forward to working with Pam again any time."
Ken Danieli, Brand Strategist, Danieli Consulting, LLC

Pam Foster is one of the web industry's first content writers to achieve SEO Copywriting Certification from the SuccessWorks SEO Program.
ContentClear Marketing owner Pam Foster has achieved SEO Copywriting Certification from the SuccessWorks SEO Program.

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