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What's happening to your Google website ranking these days?

Website owners (perhaps even you) are alarmed to see a recent slide in their page rankings and traffic as 6 major developments have affected search results:

  • Google May Day: If your web pages use "boilerplate" text from manufacturers and others, they're no longer considered quality pages. You need original content to stay in the rankings and attract prospects. Read my Google May Day article.
  • Google Caffeine: This update brings new content into rankings much faster than before. If your competitors frequently use Twitter, blogs and other fresh updates, they may bump your position. Read my Google Caffeine article.
  • Bing now powers Yahoo organic search results. If some of your best website customers come from Bing or Yahoo, you'll need to watch how this shift changes your traffic patterns.
  • Google Single Site Results: In August 2010, Google reported... "we've launched a change to our ranking algorithm that will make it much easier for users to find a large number of results from a single site." Suddenly your competition can dominate the first 7 search results and bump you down.
  • Competitive SEO (search engine optimization) and Other Updates: Your competition may be getting smarter about SEO and adding fresh or updated content to move up in Google rankings.
  • Video Marketing: Youtube is now the second largest search engine. If your competitors are using video to market their sites, their improved search rankings can bump you down.

It's still possible to attract more prospects via Google and other search engines. You just need the right keyword search strategy and regular content updates.

The events mentioned above — plus local tags, social media, personalization and many other changes — are speeding up search engine changes several times a year, not just once a year or so.

The key to success now is fresh, original content updated regularly. Continue monitoring your search results and add new content as often as possible; at least once a month.

Without this type of ongoing strategy, your Google website rankings are certain to fade, opening the door for competitors to lure away your precious visitors.

Introducing Strategic Search Content Update Packages from ContentClear Marketing

ContentClear Marketing owner Pam Foster is one of the world's first Certified SEO Copywriters and she serves as a Content Consultant focused on Internet Marketing Strategy. Let Pam help you regularly target the most relevant and competitive SEO keywords, update your web content with customer-focused sales copy, articles and more; and review your results to help make sure your site is being found in Google and other searches AND turning searchers into customers for your website.

Strategic Search Content Update Packages

To help keep your site fresh, competitive and optimized for search engines, Pam will provide the following SEO content development services each month:

  • Identify the hottest, most competitive keywords for your pages via an ongoing keyword search strategy. Each month, together we'll select particular pages or product categories on your website and find the best keywords to use in your content. (This goes for other search engines too.)
  • See where you stand by conducting a Google website ranking review. We'll also look at the competition and come up with a strategy to differentiate your website in an appealing way.
  • Provide optimized, fresh content updates for your top keywords and target audience. A content update could be a new article, new or revised page, news release, etc.; determined by your current content.
  • Ensure consistency with internal links across your other site pages to properly send visitors to the updated content.
  • Implement the updates smoothly by coordinating the changes with your web developer, or adding the content within your Content Management System.

You don't need to bother with updating your content — Pam can take care of it for you. And, as part of your monthly maintenance plan, she'll check your search ranking and click-through results in 30 days to report on the progress, using searches and your analytics data. Keep in mind that results can take time due to search-engine algorithms, competition, seasonality, regional aspects, category popularity, and other factors.

Our Strategic Search Content Update Packages are set up in blocks of 12 months to ensure that your content optimization is continual and cumulatively beneficial to your website as part of a smart e-business strategy. Contact Pam now for pricing.

Pam's promise to you: "I will do everything possible to optimize your website content with ethical, strategic SEO keyword and sales copy approaches. If you're not satisfied with my services or the results, your previous month's payment will be returned to you."

Why wait another minute to let your competition bump you down the Google and other search rankings? Contact us to get started now.

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ContentClear Marketing owner Pam Foster is a SuccessWorks Certified SEO Copywriter.
ContentClear Marketing owner Pam Foster has achieved SEO Copywriting Certification from the SuccessWorks SEO Program.