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Try these free web marketing tips to improve web traffic and online sales results.

The following free articles provide more than a dozen web marketing tips you can apply to your site right now for quick results.

Turn your website into a profitable marketing tool— Discover the 9 easy steps to planning a profitable website, from defining its purpose and choosing the best domain name to following proven marketing tactics that improve results.

Three ways to make it easier for customers to buy from you on the web— If a site's not user-friendly, there's no point in having it! Find out how your site's functional design, graphic design and content can make-or break-your online success.

9 ways to market your website via offline marketing— To reach your customers in today's cluttered market, having your site domain name on all your printed "offline" materials (business cards, letterhead, etc.) are just as important as your Internet/online tactics.

Marketing's "New USP" can you help boost site optimization and sales— How the Unique Solution Proposition can help you redefine your business to attract more customers and profits

Define your website's purpose to boost online success— To build a successful website or to improve your existing site, you need to clearly define its objectives. These four questions will help you.

Web "Usability" is a key factor in whether your site is profitable... or not—- What is web "usability" and why does it matter? Learn how it plays a critical role in the experiences your customers have on your site, so they'll buy from you.

How to choose a domain name that will drive customers to your site— Having the right domain name (also known as your URL or web address) is absolutely critical in helping your customers find your business in the Internet jungle.

How to make sure your website's design is helping, not hindering, your chances for online success— Learn how a great site design clearly outlines all the functions and features you need on your site to have the best chance of generating profits.

How your website's graphic design can help more customers buy from you— While it's very unlikely that you'll be designing the graphics on your site yourself, it's important to know about the graphic design considerations that are unique to the web.

Boost online profits by including website content that sells— "Content is King" is the rule of thumb in the web industry because the content, or copy, is your online salesperson. Discover how marketing content makes all the difference.

How to choose the right web host to ensure online success— Choosing your web host is very important because you need to trust that your site is functioning at all times!

What you can plan to spend on launching a profitable website— The web development community seems to shy away from revealing their prices unless they're dirt cheap. Here's the truth about web development costs.

How to find a skilled web team that will build your site the right way, the first time— To ensure your best chance at online success, you need to find people who have experience in creating profit-generating websites. But who are those people?

How directories can improve your site's search engine rankings— Online directories are a legitimate way of letting the Internet know that your site and individual pages exist. And many of them are free.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can significantly improve your search engine ranking and online sales— PPC is a great way to enhance your site's visibility and even guarantee you the top position of a search-engine page at least some of the time. Find out why.

Know your keywords for search engine marketing success— The foundation of successful web marketing is in knowing the keywords your prospects use in search engines to find solutions to their needs. Find out what this means for you.

Measure your web marketing results to find opportunities for more sales— It's important to monitor your online marketing efforts on a regular basis so you can make improvements. There are several ways to do this.


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